About Austin Lindsey

With over 25 years of experience in making and teaching ceramics, Austin Lindsey brings his passion for design and functionality to each of his unique pieces of pottery. He operates from a core belief that beauty is a mandatory sustenance for the human soul. As we eat and drink to provide sustenance for our physical bodies, if we use beautiful handmade tools to serve, then we also feed our souls and make the mundane rituals of life more life giving.
Austin’s work focuses on questions about design and function, while also exploring our relationships with objects and their ability to connect us with each other. Over the last 100 years, the mass production of cheap ceramics has altered the collective conscious of the world toward a disposable culture of objects. Objects that once served as reminders of ancestry, and heritage have been replaced with technology. Even in todays market some of what is considered to be “handmade”, has no authenticity. In contrast, Austin uses the traditional techniques of carving, sgraffitto, and wax resist to decorate his wheel thrown pottery, because he wants the evidence of the “handmade” to be seen and felt in his work.

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